Audience Response Systems

Using our wireless Audience Response Systems participants can express their opinions for display on large screens instantly and the data is captured and stored on your computer for further analysis later.

Eurosis has a team of experienced staff who can help you decide on the right audience response system for you. The equipment can be rented or purchased depending on your requirements but whatever application you need we have an in house technical support team to help you.

  • When & where to use it

    You can use it in classrooms, lecture theatres or any meeting or conference where you want to test or gauge audience knowledge or opinion
    Use Audience Response Systems for a range of activities including:
    Generating valuable feedback
    Gauging opinions
    Testing knowledge retention
    Capturing voting decisions
    Creating interactivity
    Promoting engagement
    In summary Eurosis audience response systems are cost effective, simple to use, with immediate and accurate results.

  • How it works & technical information

    Wireless Audience Response systems use electronic keypads to capture audience responses at events, from small meetings to international conferences.
    The system provides:
    Instant graphical result display
    Comprehensive data reporting
    Easy to set up and configure
    Optional powerpoint integration
    Anonymous, individual or demographically sorted results
    Use Eurosis Wireless Audience Response systems for:
    Training and Assessment
    This invaluable training tool can be used in either an anonymous or transparent capacity. Participant reports can help to highlight whether individuals require further training in a topic.

  • Hire or buy options

    You can purchase or hire this service. To get the best hire price for your needs please call one of our experts at Eurosis on

    +44 (0) 20 8670 9351 or email on

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