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Things To Remember When Using A Tour Guide System

Using a tour guide system

exhibition with tg system


A Tour Guide System is a portable system that allows a person to communicate with a group of people in an environment other than a meeting room. This system is usually used for factory ...

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Trends In The Conference Interpreting World

During the summer months, the conference interpreting world also goes on “holiday”. There isn’t much going on and this is usually the time when look back on the year that was.

In 2012, the UK was busy with the London Olympics and everyone was fighting for a piece of it. The demand then and up to now, leading to the next Olympic games ...

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Web Based SI (Simultaneous Interpretation) – Live on site, Hybrid, Broadcast

Three ways to use Web Based Simultaneous Interpretation

I recently wrote about our latest service offering called Web Based Simultaneous Interpretation, which is live simultaneous interpretation where delegates and interpreters may not necessarily be in the same room, venue or country.

simultaneous interpretation example


There are 3 ways in ...

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Why Do You Need To Provide Documents to Interpreters?

The importance of providing background documents to interpreters

Providing documents to interpreters are essential in ensuring the success of any conference or meeting. It helps the interpreters prepare for the meeting.

“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.” 
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge


What documents would they normally need to prepare?

1. Glossary of terms

2. Agenda

3. List ...

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Web Based Interpretation at the CIOL

Last Saturday, 7th June, I was asked by the Chartered Institue of Linguists to speak about our latest service, Web based Interpretation.

The day started overcast with a real threat of heavy rain. True enough, as we were parking the car near the venue, the heavens opened up. Luckily, it didn’t rain for long that we were able to walk to the venue ...

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Web based Simultaneous Interpretation

What is Web based Simultaneous interpretation?

You may have received some of our newsletters recently where we were talking about our new services. We will now go a little bit into the details of our Web based Simultaneous interpretation services.

Let’s start with its brief definition.

It is providing LIVE simultaneous interpretation in London to a conference audience that is located in a venue anywhere in ...

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New Services from Eurosis

Time flies indeed! I can’t believe that we are now in June, half of the year 2014.

We were very busy at the start of the year, where we had events back to back then we exhibited at Confex in March at London Olympia, launching our new services; Web-based Simultaneous Interpretation and Wifi Voting services.



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What Is A Tour Guide System?

Tour Guide System is a portable radio system that transmits an audio signal from a speaker to the listeners.  It is a communication tool that allows live interpretation, whether consecutive or simultaneous, while on the move.

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Can You Please Provide a Swiss Interpreter?

“Can you please provide a Swiss interpreter?”, the voice at the end of the phone asked.

This was probably a few years back now. I was not sure how to reply to the question because there is no Swiss language per se.

Switzerland flag

Switzerland has four national languages, namely German, French, Italian and Romansh.

The ...

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Case Study: Training In The RAF

Training in the RAF on equality and diversity while maintaining anonymity has been the motivation behind the use of the electronic voting system.



The Royal Air Force is a branch of the British Armed Forces, which is broken down into different areas. Head Quarters Air Command, based at RAF High Wycombe, deals with Personnel ...

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