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Catherine Tate Working As An Interpreter

This video of Catherine Tate working as an interpreter was found by a colleague in YouTube.

Everytime I watch this, it always makes me laugh so hard. Slowly this video made the rounds in the office. Suddenly you will hear someone burst into laughter.

Our interpreters found it funny too.

I know I have shared this before in our Facebook page but I am going to share it again here.

There are some lessons we can learn from this video.

Now bear in mind that this is not how it is done in real life. 

First of all, one interpreter cannot do all the languages in a conference or meeting.

A simultaneous interpreter will do English and their native language and they always work in pairs.

This does not necessarily mean that a simultaneous interpreter cannot speak several other languages besides English and their native language.

There are some interpreters who can do simultaneous interpretation from Spanish to French, for example. However, this does not happen often as English is now used as the relay.

Here’s the video.

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About the Author:

Roni Bandong is a Client Manager at Eurosis Ltd - specialist providers of simultaneous interpretation services, interactive voting services and conference equipment.