Interpreter Booth

For interpreter booth Eurosis Ltd uses the Audipack Silent 9300 modular system.

It is a modular, easy to mount interpreter booth for 2 persons, but can be extended for up to 4 persons, using the optional extension sets. The booths are sound insulated, fully ventilated and comfortable to work in. They are light grey in colour.

Interpreter booth  is flat-packed for easy transport.

One or two persons can easily build the interpreter booth with the included hex key.

The Silent 9300 complies with the ISO 4043 norm for mobile interpreter booths.

It takes an average of an hour to set-up one interpreter booth together with the equipment, provided that all the gear is already inside the conference room. Add approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the distance from unloading bay to conference room, to transport equipment. Eurosis technicians will set up and de-rig the booths. They will also give technical support during the meeting.

External measurements are: 1.67m x 1.67m x 2.1m

To download PDF document on the interpeter booths click here