Framework Agreements

Eurosis is able to provide flexible framework agreements for most of our products and services. If you have regular requirements for conferencing and interpretation services we can provide better cost control and bespoke levels of support for your organisation through a Eurosis Framework Agreement.

If you use interpreting or electronic voting services on regular bases it may be worth getting in touch with us and go through the benefits of the framework agreement that would suite best your needs. We offer traditional Interpreting services when interpreters and the booths are in location at the event or meeting. Our new product -Web based Interpretation – would be perfect for a company that wants to save travel expenses or reduce the carbon footprint of their company.

Once the Eurosis Framework Agreement is in place you will have dedicated Client Manager looking after your account making sure that the smallest details that are special for your company have been taken into account.

Contact Paula Hiltunen on +44 (0) 20 8670 9351 and discuss your requirements.