Tour Guide System

Our Tour Guide equipment is lightweight and portable. Tour Guide System consist of microphones and headsets in their own compact carry case with integrated battery charger or set of spare batteries depending on the model.

Eurosis has a team of experienced staff who can help you decide on the right tour guide system for you. The equipment can be rented or purchased depending on your requirements but whatever application you need we have technical support people in house to help you

  • When & where to use it

    Tour Guide system is ideally suited for small groups working on the move or for language interpretation in a noisy environment. The Tour Guide system can be used inside a building or outdoors.
    battery operated for portability. perfect for the following locations:
    Factory tours
    Plant visits
    Site visits
    Out-of-office tours
    Any conversations taking place on the move
    Noisy locations

  • How it works & technical information

    The tour guide or interpreter has a radio microphone and each delegate has a wireless headset.
    Using your Tour Guide System is very easy;
    Open the carry case and distribute the wireless headsets to the listeners and the hand-held radio microphone to the guide.
    Switch on the hand-held radio microphone to activate the system.
    Headset users turn dial to required frequency.
    Adjust headset volume as necessary.

    For more information see the manufacturer’s site.

  • Hire or buy options

    You can purchase or hire this service. To get the best hire price for your needs please call one of our experts at Eurosis on

    +44 (0) 20 8670 9351 or email on

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