Web Based Simultaneous Interpretation

Summary of the Web Based Simultaneous Interpretation:

Web Based Simultaneous interpretation is provided from our purpose built London office to your conference or meeting in any location via the world wide web. It allows delegates at your venue to follow presentations in their native language and can even stream to remote delegates who can’t travel to your venue. It provides choice and flexibility for your attendees and reduces costs for your organisation.

How Web based Simultaneous Interpretation works:

The Eurosis interpreters are based in our London office and equipped with headsets, screens and sound proof booths just as they would be if they travelled to your conference location. The interpreters work in pairs for each language to increase effectiveness and quality and are supported by our experienced technicians.

The audio feed from your conference is streamed to London, interpreted into the various languages and then streamed back to your delegates via their phones, laptops, mobile devices or our receivers and headsets.

Our package includes applications for Chat, Questions, Voting, and Slides.


Reduced travel costs.

Reduced Carbon footprint.

Increase cost effective languages available to delegates.

Reach delegates who can’t travel.

Engage with more delegates across your organisation.

Increase your reach to worldwide.

Improved delivery of sales and training sessions worldwide.