Wireless Microphone System

Wireless Microphiones from Eurosis
Wireless Microphone System is push to talk conference wireless microphones with built-in loud speakers to enable everyone to be heard, and hear, clearly at meetings. They provide the flexibility to be used in any room layout.

As well as wireless microphone system we can also provide wired systems, depending on your room layout and the environment. Whenever there is the possibility of interference wired microphones are a better choice. Eurosis has a team of experienced staff who can help you decide on the right system for you. The equipment can be rented and whatever application you need we have technical support people in house to help you.

  • When & where to use it

    Wireless Microphone system can be used for any meeting where many or all delegates will participate in proceedings. Very simple to set up, they can be used in conference rooms and lecture theatre style room layouts. Our customers use these systems in all sizes of conference rooms and we can provide other services such as Simultaneous Translation alongside the equipment

    These are the highest quality wireless microphones available to enable delegates to hear and be heard clearly.

  • How it works & technical information

    Eurosis only use the very latest products on the market and pride themselves on offering their customers the very best in technology. This is why we have invested in a wireless microphone system that is license free worldwide. It is unaffected by 4G and wireless 2.4ghz devices which  means our wireless microphone system will co-exist alongside your current networking and minimise potential issues that others can cause. It offers the user a simple to operate “push to talk” mode. This mode is suitable for 90% of our customers, however we realise everyone has different requirements which is why we can alter this mode to suit many different styles including queued and automatic microphone re-cycling.

    The Chairman always retains full control of the meeting and they can override all delegates at any time as well as control the various delegate microphones to ensure a fluid and continuous meeting is had.

    The high quality gooseneck microphones are flexible and robust, whilst the internal loudspeakers in each microphone unit ensure wherever the user is located, the audio is heard at a clean and pleasant level. For a more personal experience, users can plug their own headphones and adjust the level to suit themselves.

    Our Wireless microphone system is designed to be easy to use, easy to set up and self operated.

  • Hire this equipment

    Customers who hire this type of conference equipment often take advantage of our supported service which includes on site technicians to manage the installation and management of the sytems during your conference. Please call one of our Eurosis experts to help you choose which service you need:

    +44 (0) 20 8670 9351 or email on info@eurosis.com
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